I Want To Believe


Barbara Lopez, Entertainment Editor

Doesn’t the title sound a bit similar? If XFiles popped into your mind, you might want to stick around, because “Stranger Things” has brought sci-fi back — and everyone is raving about it. The hit TV series aired this past summer on July 15th, 2016 and within sixteen days it caught the attention of 8.2 million viewers, becoming bigger than “House of Cards,” “Daredevil,” and even “Narcos.”

In a nutshell, “Stranger Things” is about three young boys in early ‘80s Indiana who embark on a mission to find their missing friend, Will, who disappeared in the woods one night. Along the way, they discover a strange girl who helps them find Will — and helps them discover the secrets of their town, having you grip your remote within seconds for the next episode.

Don’t believe me? Well, believe your peers. Ria Calib (10) stated, “my favorite aspect of Stranger Things is the whole concept of the show. It’s really like no other show I’ve ever seen; It has a sense of horror, for example the title in the theme song, ‘Stranger Things’ is in a font that is so similar to Stephen King’s books. And the characters of the storyline fit perfectly.”

Still don’t believe me?! At least Misty Valles (11) and Emily Matsui (11) do. Valles said “I really loved the fact that it always left you wanting more after each episode. The whole plot of the story was so different and so unique and [it’s] a really ‘out-of-the-box’ idea. The directors went for it and it came out so good! Best show ever.” Matsui adds on, saying “I would recommend this show to others whether they like sci-fi movies/shows or not because it has the elements of thrill, drama, & romance all in one.”

If you love mysterious creatures, telekinesis powers, and ‘80s fashion trends, this show was made for you. If your mind bubbled in “None of the Above,” watch it anyways. You just might start to believe with me.