ASB Elections Take WHS by Storm

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   Between March 18th and March 21st students were hard at work campaigning for your votes. Students chose candidates in 21 categories which included ASB President and Vice President, 10 secretary positions, and 9 class positions.

   Campaigning began long before voting opened as candidates created numerous election pages on Facebook. Students were overflowed with invitations and Julia Barrett (9) states, “I liked the first few pages, but after that they all got very annoying.” From numerous Facebook posts, Barrett seems to have the same view on election pages as many others.

   Beginning on Monday, March 18th campaigners were allowed to hang posters and flyers. Some even lined up earlier than 4 AM for the chance to have first dibs on location. Throughout the week, students donned posters, t-shirts and picket signs to advertise for their candidates. Anisa Azad (10) comments, “I loved all the signs, but my favorites belonged to Brianne Ahn (11) because they were very creative and eye-catching.”

   Although posters and t-shirts show off different students, the hardest part for those running seemed to be getting the student body to log on to Naviance and cast their ballot. Michelle Wu (11) remarks, “Some people said they were ‘too lazy’ to vote when I asked. Eventually, I convinced them to do it but I know plenty of people who did not vote because they either did not understand Naviance or did not want to bother with the site.”

   Before results could be posted, all campaigners were required to remove all signs. Once the campus was cleaned, there was a rush to view the outcome. The list was received with both cheers and tears, but every position had a clear winner except Secretary of Records in which Stacy Loo and Josh Lee are put head to head in a run-off election with votes being accepted until Tuesday.