Student Spotlight: Shin Mizutamari


Courtesy of Shin Mizutamari (12).

Briana Strader, Staff Writer

   Not everyone possesses the ability to find what they love and truly, fully master it. But this feat proved to be no problem for Shin Mizutamari (12), the winner of this year’s annual talent show.

   Beginning in preschool, Shin’s fascination with magic was sparked by his teacher’s love for it. Shown a trick almost every day, young Shin was instantly and continuously captivated, and soon turned it into an art form of his own. Several years and many magic tricks later, he was ready to compete in West High’s talent show for the third year in a row, ready to seize first place once again. 

   This year, Shin prepared by looking back at his performance in the 2018 and 2019 shows. He rewatched his performances, analyzing and critiquing them in order to find ways in which to improve. This, combined with his dedication to practicing his craft secured him a win. “Compared to last year,” he said of this year’s show, “I think it was way better because I performed more than 100 shows at lots of places, including the Magic Castle.” Shin explained that he started performing at the Magic Castle in 2019, and since then he has done around six shows every shift, giving him a wonderful opportunity to practice performing in front of people.

   While Shin beautifully utilizes his talents to compete and perform, he also sees the deeper connections formed through magic. “My favorite part about magic,” he explains, “is how it can be a ‘communication tool.’ From little kids to the elderly, everyone loves magic tricks. Magic can bring people together.”

   In the future, he plans to continue to turn his captivating hobby into a meaningful and practical tool. Shin plans to become a performing artist and intends to create a show that has aspects of magic, drama, and theatre.