Modern Family Wraps Up With Season 11

Christine Nguyen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

  On Tuesday, February 5th, it was announced that Modern Family will return with an eleventh season, which is also going to be the last season. The series is produced by Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan and was an immediate hit after its debut in September 2009.

  Victoria Castillo (10), who has been a fan from the very beginning, said, “Modern Family is a show that many families can relate to. My family definitely relates to a lot of things they go through, but they put it in a funny way. This show really taught me lessons about life: what to do and what not to do. It’s not like any show I have ever watched before. They show the struggles many people go through and I learn from that.”

  The American sitcom focuses on an honest and humorous look into the warm and sometimes twisted embrace of the modern family.

  Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment, stated, “Chris and Steve have created one of the most seminal and iconic comedies in television history. In its final season, there will be more milestone events that anyone who has been a fan of the series won’t want to miss.”

  Some series regulars turned to social media to express their emotions for the upcoming conclusion of Modern Family. Actor Nolan Gould, who portrays Luke Dunphy, posted a cast picture on Instagram. For his caption he wrote, “… So happy that I get to spend one more year with this cast and crew. And grateful for the run we’ve had. What a journey it’s been. Thanks for taking it with us.”

I think that now is a good time to end it, as the show has been around for about ten years and it will keep dragging on and lose viewers.

— Shreshta Kumar (10), who occasionally watches Modern Family.

  Eric Stonestreet, who depicts Cameron Tucker, took this opportunity to reach out to other actors and artists to follow their dreams because they can come true. He wrote, “Fellow actors: Identify and follow your dreams, have unwavering belief in yourself and your talent, surround yourself with good people, be prepared and on time for when a lot of luck and even more persistence crack open that door of opportunity and then blow through it and leave it ALL in the room knowing you did your best. I’m proof it’s possible for you.”

  Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell Pritchett, reacted with posts on Instagram. Accompanied by a montage of photos, Ferguson wrote, “I can’t believe I’ve spent over a decade of my life working with a cast and crew I love so much. I’m already preparing myself for a VERY emotional last year with my beautiful, hilarious fake family. And thank YOU for watching.”

  With more than ten million viewers per episode, the five-time Emmy winner has gained great success. Modern Family is repackaged and sold to other countries including Chile and Greece. Despite these achievements, the scripts have been diminishing in creativity. The writers tire out the storylines and rely on guest stars.   

  As one of the most awarded comedy series winds down to an end, Modern Family will leave behind a legacy in its path. The sitcom airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on ABC.