Anger Translator Sparks Laughter At White House Dinner


Alyna Kim, Staff Writer


Luther the Anger Translator, a satirical character from the comedy duo Key & Peele, crashed the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. His partner in crime was none other than the President of United States.

While the dinner was hosted by Cecily Strong of “Saturday Night Live”, the comedic highlight of the night came from President Obama’s speech, augmented by Keegan-Michael Key as Luther, the Anger translator.

The original Key & Peele sketch of President Obama and his translator aired on Comedy Central in 2012.  The sketch recurred multiple times, featuring the many controversies of Obama’s presidency, as well as the criticisms and accomplishments.  The Anger Translator videos have “gone viral more than 12.5 million views,” according to USA Today.

Obama and Key’s performance on Saturday was filled with President Obama’s usual cutting humor, and included statements about the upcoming 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton, and global warming controversies.  The sketch concluded with the President too heated up over the denial of global warming, and Luther attempting to calm him down.  The entire bit left the floor laughing, and set a good stage for Strong’s following routine.

“I think it got people’s attention and got their point across in a comical way,” said Mio Santiful (11).  “People really know these things are happening, but doing it this way makes it funny, and gets the point across without people taking it the wrong way.”

The humor mirroring President Obama’s speech was filled with pop humor as well, with Luther shouting, “Khaleesi is coming to Westeros!” when speaking about Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  There was even a little back and forth between the translator and the President.

“It was pretty clever,” noted Kailee Koharchik (12).  “Injecting humor into a speech like that is a pretty good way of getting people to listen. More listeners will go watch it simply because they heard it was funny when otherwise they would have paid no interest.”

The speech has been widely covered by news stations.  The speech has become popular on social media as well, showing up as gifs on Tumblr and reaching over 4 million views on YouTube.  President Obama’s speech lightened the mood at the dinner, and warmed the room up to welcome the rest of the night.