Mazes End at the Box Office


Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer

On Friday September 19, 2014 The Maze Runner hit theaters all across America. Based off the best-selling novel, written by James Dashner, the film was a major hit nationwide, especially due to the elaborate on screen translation 20th Century Fox managed to accomplish. Sarah Muniz (10), said “The movie lived up to my expectations, as I read the book that’s exactly how I pictured [each scene] happening.” This weekend the movie grossed about $32.5 million dollars just falling short of the $35 million it was expected to make. However, The Maze Runner came out on top earning first place in the box office right above A Walk Among Tombstones.
Thomas played by actor Dylan O’Brien, wakes up in a mysterious elevator not having a single idea of his destination. All he can recall is his name. Along with dozens of other boys, O’Brien ends ups in a place called Glade, which happens to be one large maze. With immense determination, Thomas strives to find a way out, and finds the opportunity to enter when Alby, the leader of the men played by Aml Ameen, gets ill as the maze closes in on him. Thomas storms through the walls alongside Alby and Minho, played by Ki Hong Lee. Thomas triumphs after defeating one of the largest evil creatures in the maze.
As commotion stirs up in Glade, Teresa, the only female maze runner, played by Kaya Scodelario is introduced. After suffering through major defeat, Thomas and his fellow maze runners eventually must fight off Grievers and even each other in order to survive.
This particular cast brought the thrilling vibe of the novel to the screen. Gael Juico (12) said, “I loved the fact that they cast a lot of good actors. It made the movie more thrilling and exciting.” The Maze Runner has received a 63% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and the fandom.
Throughout the film, there is no doubt the audience was kept on the edge of their seats. When Thomas goes into the maze for the first time he gives the audience something to be scared about. Emily Vinueza (11), commented “I loved the action and I didn’t want Thomas to die. I was screaming in the theater.” After dozens of amazing reviews, The Maze Runner is a film that all thrill seekers, whether family or friends should head out to see.