Megamind: Superhero or Super-Villain?

Ann Kim, Staff Writer

   On November 5th, a new super-villain will make other villains, such as the Joker from The Dark Knight and Lex Luthor from Superman, appear as sweet as candy.
   The greatly anticipated movie Megamind is about a super villain that tries to conquer Metro City, but is often confronted by failure and misfortune due to the hero, Metro Man. Megamind kills Metro Man in one of his evil schemes and soon realizes that he has no purpose in life because he has already achieved his goals. Bored and anxious, Megamind decides to make a new hero named Titan who will be harder to defeat. Instead of being the hero as planned, Titan chooses to become the villain, and he plans on destroying the world. The twist on this story is whether Megamind can destroy his own creation and become the hero of his unsuccessful plan.
    When asked about her predictions about the film, Eunice Kim (11) responded, “I think it will be an interesting movie.” Priyanka Das (10) also stated, “…it looks funny.” Unlike the other students, Dani Lee (10) does not seem to be too interested in it: “…it didn’t really grab my attention, so I don’t think it will grab the attention of others.”
   Megamind may be added to the worst villain list or become the newest member of the super hero club. However, the animated comedy will receive much attention from various people such as children, teens, and adults due to the original plot summary.