A Triumphant Twelfth Place for the Entertainment Unit

Ephraim Lu, Staff Writer

   On December 5, 2009 the West High Entertainment Unit went to Mira Mesa High School to perform in the annual Southern California School Band and Orchestra championship tournament.

   The Entertainment Unit’s theme this year was “Ragtime”, which included songs like “Gettin’ Ready Rag,” “Henry Ford,” “Sarah Brown Eyes,” “Our Children,” “Buffalo Nickel,” and “Wheels of a Dream.”

   Unfortunately, despite their hard work, concentration, and devotion, the Entertainment Unit finished in twelfth place. Nevertheless, the students were content with their performance. “Overall, it was definitely a great season. The songs were fun, the students were cooperative, and everyone seemed to put their most effort into everything and I think that’s what made it successful,” commented Chie Tamada (12).

   Although many left disappointed, they maintained their sportsmanship. Wesley Son (12) admitted that the first place winners deserved their victory as they had “an amazing show with lots of visuals, and their execution was very nice. I wasn’t able to see all of them, but I’m pretty sure they were nice too.” Hopefully the West High Entertainment Unit will be able to achieve similar standards next year.