Bountiful Paper Bouquet

Sravya Kotha, Staff Artist/ Writer

   After four years of hard work, volunteering outside of school, spending weekends studying, and waking up early to get to class on time, the grad in your life deserves some recognition. As graduation nears, a new class of young men and women are moving on to the next chapters of their lives. Hand-make your grad gift to make it extra special.


–       Colorful construction paper

–       Scissors

–       Tape or glue

–       Pen or pencil

1.     Take construction paper of the color of your choice. Fold about a centimeter length from the edge.

2.     Cut slits from the other edge up to the fold but do not cut any further.

3.     Roll the slits to the folded edge.

4.     Wrap green construction paper around a pen or pencil. Secure with tape or glue. This will be your stem.

5.     Wrap the other prepared construction paper around the stem. It will eventually look like tiny buds around the top portion of the stem. Use glue to secure the buds.

6.     Fold another green construction paper like an accordion. Each fold should be a width of about a centimeter.

7.     Using the scissors, cut into each fold. This will ultimately be your long blades of leaves.

8.     Wrap the leaves around the stem and secure with tape or glue.

  And now you have a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for your graduates of 2014! Celebrate post-ceremony with this gift that will delight the overachiever in your life.

paper bouquet
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