Warriors Could Not Tame the Carson Colts

Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief

   On Thursday night September 28, West High Warriors Boys Football was defeated by the Carson Colts with a final score of 44-20.

   In the first quarter, cornerback Brandon Osorio (11) intercepted the ball, which led to the first touchdown of the game for West. Quarterback Brandon Poffenbarger (11) ran into the endzone, scoring another touchdown. West led at the end of the first quarter with a score of 14-0.

  In the beginning of the second quarter, Carson ran in for a touchdown, making the score 14-6. Following this touchdown, at kickoff, wide receiver Max Parish (12) ran back for a touchdown, making the score 20-6.

  By the end of the second quarter, Carson was close to scoring another touchdown which would put them ahead, however in the last two seconds cornerback Jordan Ontiveros (11) intercepted the ball, ending the first half of the game with a score of 20-14 West.

  At the start of the third quarter, both teams did not score. However, at the end of the quarter Carson made a touchdown, tying the score at 20-20.

  In the final quarter of the game, West fell behind as Carson scored a 48-yard touchdown. Carson continued to score three more touchdowns, winning the game with a final score of 44-20.

  Jordan Batory (11) expressed his thoughts on the Warriors loss.

  “We came out emotional, but not as emotional as some of the away games. It died down fast after the first quarter; our captain went out due to his hand and we started falling apart. Their linemen were beating us and we were tired.”

  Brandon Osorio (11) felt that with more energy, the Warriors could have performed better.

  “It showed a little bit of our colors. We showed how good we could have been if we played with energy, [which we did in the] first half. We were beating a good team and the morale went down when people got injured. The sideline wasn’t getting any good energy. I felt like we definitely could’ve beaten that team.”    

  Recognizing what the team needs to improve, Dylan Cardenas (11) believes that the team needs to develop leadership.

  “I really think we need to have more leaders on the team and strive for a higher goal than just winning one game, more like winning league. Knowing that North is next week, we have our biggest rival and I think we will come out with more emotion.”

  The Warriors will be playing the North High Saxons next Friday, October 6 at 7 pm at West High. Come and cheer on the Warriors.