Defeated but Never Weakened

Michael Nishida, Staff Writer

   West High faced their Torrance rival South on October 23rd, 2014 in girl’s tennis. The last time the Warriors faced South they barely lost with a score of 8-10. The Warriors went all out trying to defeat their rival, but in the end the Warriors struggled against South and suffered a 4-14 defeat.

   Samantha Lao (10), a member of the JV team won her match 31-29. Lao said, “Varsity practiced very hard and had a strong desire to win, but South outplayed them on the court.”

   Despite the loss the team remains optimistic about future matches. Shivani Ghanti (11) a varsity player commented, “We will comeback from this loss and will practice harder in order to perform well for the rest of the season.”

   South is currently the top team in the league having clinched the pioneer league title, but West has shown great potential of beating them later in the playoffs. West has proven they can pose a threat to their rivals having finished a match with a close score of 8-10 in the past.

   The team’s next game is against Torrance High and they hope to bounce back and to gain momentum with a win to carry them through the season. Lao is confident that they will “win easily and improve their play in order to make CIF.” The team is positive in moving forward and hopefully West will take down Torrance and have great success for the rest of the season.