Completing the Course

Esther Kim, Staff Writer

   The Girls Varsity Golf team played their last match . From the two consecutive victories against Chadwick at the beginning of the season to the disappointing thunderstorm at the end, the season contained many memories for the team.

   Jane Kim (12) expressed her experience, “[It] helped me to become a better golfer by just trying my best out there when I am playing on matches or even practices.” Despite the ups and downs of each game, Kim has improved over the several years she has played.

   Likewise Cierra Coughlin (9) reflected, “I am proud of how well we did as a team this [term]. We didn’t win every single game, but individually we all improved compared to how we started at the beginning of the season. Plus, we had one member of the team make it all the way to the individual finals, so we’re proud of how far we have come.” The team truly maintained endeavor throughout the whole period. Coughlin additionally acknowledged that the team will not be brought down by obstacles, but rather continue together and enjoy every game no matter what the results are. She “hope[s] we can do as well as we did this year [for the next season], but we’ll be happy no matter how [it] plays out.”

   The girls tried their best. Quinine Takahashi (9) commented, “Overall, I’m glad to have this experience because now I know what to look forward to next year.” Surely, the team will build upon their experience from this season and set their sights on the practices and games to come.