Scott Splashes through the Season

Bryan Phan

From a very young age, Scott Bower was a versatile athlete who could thrive in any sport that he participated in. Although he was very successful at cross country in high school, Bower had to quit his sophomore year because it conflicted with his soccer interests. Nevertheless, Bower has displayed creativity, success, and determination in his varsity seasons with the West High Soccer Team and Swim Team.
Bower excels in soccer because of practice and experience. He began playing the sport first on the AYSO teams and later moving on to elite club teams such as South Bay’s Force. Bower loves the sport so much because “every player plays a crucial role in the success of the team has an impact on the game”. His natural agility and quick instincts designated him a defender because the position requires those traits to prevent extremely fast forwards from scoring. Defenders play such a major role because “without defense teams can never win” and West High has highly emphasized the importance of stopping the other team first. After playing on the JV team his freshman and sophomore year Bower started in his first year on the varsity team. Alongside seasoned defensive veterans such as Kai Sakamoto (12), and Zach Williams (12) West’s defense was superior to other teams as Bower not only gained victories and acclaim (he was featured alongside his teammates in the Daily Breeze) to his sports resume but valuable experience for next year’s season.
Bower is seen as a seasoned swim veteran who must lead the team in its male individual races. Due to graduating and transferring students, Bower assumed the position of West’s top male swimmer. In swim, Bower credits his CIF qualifying times to his experience as a Junior Life guard which gave him numerous difficult yet exciting experiences in the water such as jumping off of the Manhattan Beach Pier. Although Bower was not as successful against other varsity competitors, he looks forward to next year when he is one of the older competitors. Bower continues to practice and train so that his final upcoming season at West will not only be his greatest but also his most memorable.