An Inside Look at Kieran O’Shaughnessy

Ariel Kimmok

When Kieran O’Shaughnessy (11) first touched a basketball at four-years old, he realized he had a love for the sport. As O’Shaughnessy matured into a young adult, his passion grew into extraordinary talent as he made the varsity basketball team as a freshman. During his junior year, he was the starting shooting guard for the Varsity Boys Basketball team and averaged 10.4 points and 2.0 assists per game. However, it is not only O’Shaughnessy’s stats that impress, but rather his inspiration from the sport.
Basketball was not just a hobby; O’Shaughnessy’s life was impacted heavily through the sport. His interest grew when he watched his dad coach middle school basketball. “Basketball most definitely is much more than just a sport in my eyes. It has always been somewhat of an escape for me from the real world. [It] has also kept me out of trouble growing up and it has set my priorities straight.”
When O’Shaughnessy feels down, angry, or stressed, he turns to his passion to guide him. “Basketball is like a teacher to me. Much like teachers in a classroom help to build knowledge within a student’s mind, basketball helps to build [personality] within myself.”
O’Shaughnessy hopes that the perseverance he learned from basketball will translate him into a successful student. “I hope to be blessed with a college scholarship and putting in necessary work to reach that goal is the only way to achieve it.” And constructive criticism is the key to improvement. “If I take in what coaches, players, and others have to say, apply it to my game, and continue with the necessary work ethic, I believe my goal will be that much closer.”
Basketball has also strengthened O’Shaughnessy’s relationship with his parents. They have spent much time and effort for their son aiding and encouraging him to success. “My mom always records all my games and my dad always gives me insight for me to help improve myself both a player and as a person overall.” O’Shaughnessy had strong beliefs about how basketball reveals one’s character. He responded, “Not everyone goes far, but the work you put in shows your dedication and that is most definitely a characteristic I strive for.”
Next year with the graduation of star players Kevin Behan (12) and Christian Clark (12), O’Shaughnessy will be burdened to lead and carry the team. But as the sport taught him several lessons through the past years, it will continue to do so throughout his senior year as well as the rest of his life. “Basketball makes me work day in and day out to keep my priorities in line to stay on the right path in my life. Basketball is a passion [for] me, something I love to do and I see myself doing it for the remainder of my life.” Amazing on and off the court, O’Shaughnessy’s performance next year will be extraordinary.