Close to the End, Still Going Strong

Ephraim Lu

Winter is coming to an end, and the girls’ soccer team is still trying its best to end strongly, finishing well as the season draws to a complete stop. Hopefully, future games will not be as disappointing as the past tournament that took place on February 2, 2010.
The team played against Mira Costa, and according to Rebecca Maier (11), “Everyone was pretty pumped up because the team had won against Peninsula. I was definitely excited to play because I have been injured the whole season and it was great to go on the field with my teammates again.” Unfortunately, Maier was forced to witness her team’s loss once she stepped off the site. However, it was definitely exciting to see the girls bring back one point (that produced a score of 1 to 2), the point Kristen Pepperling (11) scored.
Many players including Rachel Hanners (12), who stated that there were 3 minutes left in the game, were excited about this accomplishment. Reflecting upon her teammates’ work, Hanners said “We played hard the whole game, and we’ll use our fury against Leuzinger on Friday!” Hopefully, the girls’ soccer team will eventually make it into the CIF championships.