A Mediocre Start, But a Strong Finish

Ephraim Lu

The West High golf team may have had its ups and downs, but each member was able to contribute her talents to the group.
Despite the fact that the girl’s golf team lost eight games and won two, many players admitted that it was a good season overall.

Maki Murai (12) stated, “I was worried at the beginning of the year, because we lost 3 seniors from last year and I thought we wouldn’t do well. However, there was a freshman, Tiffany Kohyama, who helped a lot.” She was glad, that despite the losses in the beginning, the team was able to finish well, achieving victory in the last two games.
Even with the team’s confidence, the members still believe that there is still room for improvement, including Eunice Kim (10), who said “It’s all about practice; a lot goes to practice.” Still, she is glad the season worked out well, and that the new player, Tiffany, really contributed to the game. She is also content she improved much from last year.
Overall, the team was able to bond and trust each other in the game. Hopefully, next year’s golf team will meet more wins, and reach the CIF’s.