UC Schools: Are They Really Worth the Time and Money?


Megan Oliveros, Staff Writer

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Photo Credit: Google Images

 A common thought that many high school students have nowadays is that attending and graduating from a UC school will automatically grant a life full of success and happiness. However, this has proven to be untrue.

  Torrance’s competitive academic society has put a lot of stress on high school students. Many have been taught that schools such as UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, and UCLA will make them into a worthy human being. However, most high school students have formed their own opinions on this topic, whether it be an opposition or an agreement.

  UC schools are full of benefits that attract students all around. Many UC dreamers apply so they can graduate with a pass to any career they desire. Christian Angeles (10) says that “most UC’s here are very nice schools and getting a job isn’t that hard if you go to one.”  Swapan Dighe (11) adds on by saying, “I’d benefit in terms of whatever I choose to pursue as a career.” Angeles also states that he “like[s] the fact that [he’s] close to home.” A promising career and a distance not too far from friends and family gives more than enough reason for students to apply to UC’s.

  With the advantage of a short distance drive from home and a bigger chance at a job, UC schools still have a hefty tuition to cover. Even though UC schools are cheaper than private school costs, the prices for attending a UC school still aren’t affordable to many families. Thea Abayan (11) believes that going to a UC will make her “a slave for the rest of [her] life” because of debt. A lifetime of student loans might not be worth a career that isn’t 100% promised.

  In the end, Adel Kalifa (11) simplifies the UC dilemma well. “UC’s are important, but when you work hard in school, that’s not the only thing you should be striving for. You should be striving to learn for your own self purposes.”

  The decision to apply to a UC is completely up to the beholder but remember to prioritize your life goals first rather than the school that will get you there.