Warriors Welcome Mr. Spotts


Barbara Lopez, Entertainment Editor


 As the 2017-2018 school year begins, West High School gives a warm welcome to the new assistant principal, Mr. Eric Spotts.

  Mr. Spotts, recently an assistant principal at Torrance High School, has been in the Torrance District for 27 years. The last six of these, he was assistant principal, and before that a history teacher, a math teacher, a boys’ soccer coach, and an activities director.

  In response to the amount of time Mr. Spotts has been in the education system, Sophomore Class President Jordan Yee (10) said, “I feel like we’re in good hands and [I’m] confident that he will do a [great] job at our school… Hopefully he brings a fresh outlook… and will be able to help our school grow and progress.”

  In the future, Mr. Spotts said he doesn’t mind becoming a principal at a middle school or high school. He went on to add, “I’m not exactly sure where I’d want to go. I have two children … and they take a lot of my time. So to take on a huge challenge like being a principal of a school I think is a little too much for me at this point.”

  When asked if he had any plans to make West a better environment, Mr. Spotts said, “I’m not coming in here with an agenda… I’m just coming here to continue and help the kids have a great experience and have teachers be able to teach and continue to make West a good school.”

  Senior Class President Haley Jones (12) said, “I feel like it is very refreshing whenever we get new administration, and… his prior school experience will serve West in many good ways.”