West High’s Lip Dub

Andrea Gomez , Staff Writer

West High’s first lip dub is underway. The first segment of filming started Monday early in the morning here at West. Many groups participated in this event from sport teams, clubs, to the administrative staff. The song student will be ‘singing’ in this production is “Good to Be Alive” by Andy Grammer because of it’s upbeat sound.

  With Noah Sullivan (11) directing the event with the help of Diego Gonzalez (12), the lip dub is making progress. Gonzalez stated, “This first part of the lip dub was executed nearly perfectly, some clubs bailed on us, but we pushed through and got some good content.”

  Sullivan commented, “The lip dub in essence is about getting all those people together for one common goal, in doing it we are showing those who watch it how much pride we have towards our school, enough so that we’re willing to come together and make something cool”

  Sullivan reported that the lip dub is about a third of the way done and is set to be finished in the spring.

 Although the main purpose of the lip dub was to be able to have fun with your represented group, filming is a very long process. With such a large project, Sullivan commented, “It was very frustrating, it was early and you could tell a lot of people didn’t want to be there. Every take we got had at least one mistake… one of the lip syncers even ran into our prop pool in the final take.”

  In regards to the collaborative aspect of the project Gonzalez said, “This is Noah’s project, we’ve collaborated on a lot of ideas; for example I thought it would be cool if water polo was in a pool, so he constructed a makeshift pool. I just give ideas and he makes them reality.”

  This is the first online video that will represent West’s clubs and teams collectively- so there is a lot of pressure for it to come out well. Eyes will be on them as it is released hopefully in mid- Spring.