Divergent Star in Handcuffs

Divergent Star in Handcuffs

Ashley Kang, News Editor

  Shailene Woodley, the Divergent and Fault in Our Stars movie actress, was arrested on October 10th for criminal trespassing while she was protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). She was taken into custody by the Morton County Police Department in North Dakota, but was released later that day. Woodley posted the entire incident in a video on her Facebook account. The video has since been viewed by millions.

  The Dakota Access Pipeline is a proposed pipeline that will connect oil production areas in North Dakota to Illinois. If put into use, the pipeline will transport almost 500,000 barrels of oil each day.  The Standing Rock Sioux native tribe has filed a complaint in hopes of halting the construction of the pipeline.  The pipeline will run near the river of their drinking supply, and the natives fear water contamination if the pipeline breaks.  Woodley was among the 200 people protesting the pipeline when she was arrested and taken in handcuffs.

 Kylie Yogi (11) said that “[Shailene Woodley’s] protests are justifiable because she is trying to prevent harm to people and environment.  And as long as it’s peaceful, I think that she should be able to stand up for something she believes in.”  Some groups, however, including Energy Transfer Partners (the pipeline company) insist that the development will “help the United States become less dependent on importing energy” (CNN) and improve the economy.

   In response to Woodley’s protests and arrests, Audrey Kono (11) said “It doesn’t matter that she is a famous actress. She has every right to protest especially if she is passionate about the movement.” Woodley has since spoken out on her Instagram about her arrest, and has vowed to continue support for the protesters of the Dakota pipeline.