Club Rush a Relative Success

Alyna Kim

Club Rush is known to be one of the more exciting events we host on campus, and has been a hot topic since school started. In fact, it left many of the freshmen impressed and in high spirits, as the event showcased West High’s huge number of clubs. “Club Rush was a lot of fun. I had no idea there were so many clubs at West,” said Andrew Choi (9).

“All the clubs were really enthusiastic, and I thought that it was pretty lively,” said Mio Santiful (11). Club Rush this year was rather successful at a glance, with the same high energy this year as it usually does. However, some club leaders did have a few complaints about restrictions.

“They should let the clubs give out candy and stuff,” said Sergio Loya (11) of Independent Funding. “We had a bunch of candy, but we weren’t allowed to pass it out.” Some clubs came up with the idea of giving out free food and candy. However, while food is allowed at the Spring Fling, which is also an event that showcases clubs, it is not allowed at Club Rush.

“That rule was actually established before I got here. This way makes it purely informational, not based on food. It levels the playing field for clubs and clubs that don’t have as much funding,” said Ms. Eriksen. While many students would have loved food, it does make them biased to attend clubs that offer them food or drink. Food can become an unfair advantage.

In addition, a few students found reason to complain about the way club leaders and members chose to advertize and recruit this year. “Some people were really rude, putting down other clubs. Some people just gave us fliers and didn’t really talk to us, either,” said Sarah Chang (10). Simply shoving a flier in someone’s hands and moving on to the next person isn’t as effective as giving them background information.

While some people may have had a few complaints, Club Rush ultimately went off without a hitch. The event enabled West High’s numerous clubs to advertise and put themselves out there, as well as gain many new members.