The ASB Election Frenzy Begins

Connor Ji, Staff Writer

As many students prepare for the weekend, some are beginning a long process of preparing campaign material for next week’s ASB Elections.

  Last year, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter advertised what candidates can do for the school, and how they can improve on many of the programs that the school sponsors. Saarthak Ahlawat (11) reminisces on last year’s campaign frenzy, “I remember finding pictures with the candidates’ names everywhere on Facebook.” Ahlawat predicted that this year would not be so different as he added, “the easiest way to connect with the voters is probably via Facebook, where many students interact.”

    When asked about ASB’s effectiveness, Jung Choi (11) answered, “They are doing whatever is necessary to improve the school. People should actually care about this kind of election and pay attention to each candidate.” The ASB staff determines events’ dates, plans fundraisers, and most importantly, represents students’ ideas and beliefs.

  Whether the election is a popularity battle or an actual competition of talent, it is clear that for students to expect the best from dances and other events, they would have to be extra considerate in choosing the members of the ASB Staff. If the students want their opinions evaluated and assessed, they should pick the candidates that best reflect upon themselves, or have similar interests.

   Voting begins next week on Naviance and results will be revealed Friday after school in front of ASB.


The candidates as of Friday, April 19th, 2013 are:

ASB President: Linda Kim and Lauren Ernst

ASB Vice President: Ginwoo Pak

Senior President: Hayden Tanabe, Jeremy Giampoli, Quinie Takahashi

Senior Vice President: Pansy Tran

Senior Historian: Uilani Corona

Junior President: Tony Yi

Junior Vice President: Adel Kelifa and Sara Blagojevich

Junior Historian: Kithumini Jayasiri and Joya Gobran

Sophomore President: Yuri Yim

Sophomore Vice President: Riko Suzuki and Priscilla Baik

Sophomore Historian: Peter Song and Noah Choi

Secretary of Spirit: Melanie Piedra and Thomas Oh

Secretary of Correspondence: Aditya Bahl, Amie Fung, Connie Chung, and Dylan Tomita

Secretary of Publicity: Jackie Pan, Asuka Watanabe, and Eri Tamada

Secretary of Athletics: Benton Shortridge and David Ko

Secretary of Fine Arts: Lynn Leng, Justin Sullivan, and Julia Barrett

Secretary of ICC: Gerone Navarro and Kayla Chung