The Academic Achilles

Kevin JB Kim, Staff Writer

   The day before school began this year, many students spent their evening reading Facebook statuses about summer homework. Procrastination is the act of delaying, especially on something requiring immediate attention. Procrastination is something that brings out feelings of dread from the students and spreads like “a horrible disease that is extremely hard to cure,” as Jerry Lee (12) suggests. Whether the assignment was given a couple days ago or a year ago, students often wait until the last possible moment to start on the assignment. Many students procrastinate during summer break, always assuring themselves that they will have enough time to finish it, until the day before school sneaks up behind them.

   Grace Machado (12) already experienced procrastination during summer vacation. Machado states that “doing the work earlier allows one to do better as well as not freak out about [the work] at 10:45 p.m.” Learning from previous mistakes with summer homework, Jackie Pan (10) states simply, “Procrastination is bad”. Pan explains that “Even though [the students] know that procrastination is not a good thing, high school students, find [procrastination] impossible to resist. Whether the procrastination is on a video project or a 20-page essay, [students] always find an excuse to put even the littlest thing off to the side.” Catherine Sun (11) describes procrastination as “an exception to the proverb ‘once a person has burned his tongue, he will always blow his tea’.” Veterans and novices of procrastination agree that procrastination will always plague students throughout their academic careers, regardless of the type of assignment or year of school.