An Extraordinary Teacher

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

As a Calculus and Algebra 1 teacher, Mr. Roulette teaches skills and methods that are used to gain an understanding in math. Roulette feels that math is not just about figuring out solutions, it is “about the concepts and origin of the math itself.”

At the beginning of the school year, Mr. Roulette was offered a job as a Resource Teacher which allows him to work with middle school math teachers to improve student achievement. His knowledge can help improve student grades and give teachers tools and resources to better teach math. Mr. Roulette commented “that working with middle school teachers is his initial job, so anything can happen in the future.

Wanting to give Roulette a memorable goodbye, Nitika Tripathi (12) created a painting of Albert Einstein using blue pastels for the face and white pencils to write out calculus equations across the canvas. Many other students came in after school to say goodbye on his last day, wishing him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Roulette stated that “I will definitely miss my colleagues and students, and the spirit of Warrior pride – the culture of excellence at West High. The math department faculty is very supportive of one another. I will really miss the satisfaction of seeing students’ faces as they come to a realization about some topic. As for returning, only time will tell what life’s journey will bring.” With kind words, West High will miss Mr. Roulette and the impact he has made at the school. Not only does he motivate students to finish their work on time, but he is an inspiration to learn from.

As Mr. Roulette departed from West High, a new teacher takes over his classes and curriculum. West High welcomes Ms. Charlin, a graduate from UCLA who majored in math, to teach students. As a former middle school teacher, she comments “that it is definitely different teaching high school students, because they know so much more than middle school students.” It was definitely a change for the students as well as Ms. Charlin because of Mr. Roulette’s departure. Despite this, Ms. Charlin is excited and ready to work.