Homecoming Top 5 Announced

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

Purple, blue, green and red colored the gym as students attended the Homecoming Top 5 Rally, held today, October 14th, which proved to be as spirited, convivial and entertaining as the last week’s rally.

Performances from Cheer, Hip-Hop/Drill and Play Production were well received as the crowd cheered, danced and clapped along. While the rally proved to be successful, different opinions arose about the event. Karla Castro (12) and Jennifer Huyos (12) both strongly agreed that “while it was lively and enjoyable, last week’s Top Fifteen Rally was much better.” The rationale supporting this conclusion was that while the Top Five Rally was great, last week’s was arguably better due to the fact that it was the first rally of the year and everything was unexpected and precipitous. However, many students loved this rally as much as last week’s. Although the Top Fifteen Rally may have been more exciting and unpredictable, this week’s resulted in ample school sprit and positive results from many students.

After the performances and competitions, it was time to announce the students who collected the most votes and progressed to the Top Five Homecoming Court. It includes: Katie Horton (12), Nina Farentinos(12), Sophie Nguyen(12), Belle Jiyarom(12), Michelle Wu(12), Brian Tajii (12), Frankie Caceres (12), Paulo Agatep (12), Justin Liu (12) and Peter Zhang (12).  The Homecoming Queen will be announced at the football game on Friday, October 21st while the King will announced at Homecoming.