Disappointing Night for Boys Basketball Varsity Seniors

Ariel Kimmok, Writer

Senior Night is among the most aniticipated nights for any high school athlete, it is the very last home game within one’s high school career. On February 9th, West High Boys Varsity Basketball played against Palos Verdes. Unfortunately for the warriors, Palos Verdes took the win with a score of 64-58. The loss elicited emotional responses from the West seniors. For second year coach Danny Walker, it was another season of disappointment.

Christen Clark (12), the starting center for the team, was very depressed as the team lost what he called the “most important game of [his] life.” Clark had scored five points with one three-pointer, and two free throws. “I was really disappointed in myself, I felt like because I was a senior, that I had to step up my game, especially on offense. But that didn’t happen.” On the other hand, Kieran O’Shaughnessy (11) and Kevin Behan (12) played their best especially during the second half. However, the two stars, were not enough and West High fell short of winning in the final minutes.

When asked about his reaction to losing, Kevin Behan (12) stated, “We had a really talented roster, and yet we couldn’t even win at home in the most important game.” Despite the negativity towards result of the game, Behan also had positive words. “Hopefully this end to my high school career is a new start to college life.”

Aside from the seniors, Kieran O’Shaughnessy (11) was a little more positive. He said the game will “[make] the team stronger as a whole as we recover from this loss. Hopefully this won’t happen to me again my senior year next year.” Surely we can take Kieran’s trustful words as he leads West High next year in a season of redemption.