Synergy at the Armstrong Theater

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

   Students at West High have the ability to find their passion, the activity that motivates them to do better. From January 10-12, several students from the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the Dance Department dedicated their hearts out on stage for their show, Synergy.

Jenna Hoover (12) commented, ‘Synergy is all about working and dancing together on stage. When we’re apart, we don’t have the same energy together. Each one of us is represents the different parts of a whole.” Jenna performed in different styles, from contemporary to the energetic hip-hop genre. Starting the show with the song Gravity by Sara Bareilles, Advanced Dance followed each others’ movements by the choreography of Stefanie Eriksen (12). Eriksen is not only a dance choreographer, but is part of the West High Drill Team as well as the Co-Ed Hip Hop Team. With dance surrounding her life, it is no surprise that she loves what she does. She stated, “When choreographing dances, it is a lot of pressure. But in the end, I really enjoy dancing to the songs my whole team worked so hard on.”

Beginning dancer Carol Boyd (10) danced to the contemporary song All the Right Moves by One Republic with her team. She remarked, “I am so glad I joined dance, because I [love] to perform. I was extremely nervous on stage, but knew that my whole team was with me.” The Beginning dance team also danced to the infamous Lady Gaga song Glorious and Once Step at a Time by Jordan Sparks.

Towards the end, the momentum did not stop. Advanced Dancer Victoria Yi (12) choreographed a dance to Katy Perry’s California Girls with Intermediate Dance. The girls came out with pink shirts and headbands, loving theCalifornia life. With loud cheers and claps, Yi was extremely proud of her girls.

The show ended with a farewell and appreciation from the entire dance department as they bowed to the audience. Now that Synergy has come and gone, it is time to look towards the Spring Dance Concert through May 2-4.