Costco’s Odd Inventory

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   When one must purchase a large quantity of one item, the first store many consider is Costco. This membership-only warehouse store is known for the excessive amount of toilet paper and shampoo someone can buy at a time. Teenagers are most likely also familiar with the free samples in the food section and the electronic section but Costco sells much more than basic necessities.

   While many flock to Costco’s doors when they want to stock up on emergency food supplies, not many people consider purchasing Shelf Reliance® THRIVE’s® Premium 1-year, 4-person Supply Freeze-dried & Dehydrated Food.  This odd item can be yours for the price of $3499.99! If you are worried about apocalyptic theories, then this may be the highlight of Costco. With 17,586 total servings that can last over 25 years, this investment seems worthwhile.

   While you may not have $3500 to spend on a years’ worth of groceries, you may be able to earn a little money with a vending machine. At they sell many varieties of vending machines that could turn a profit. This is only one of the odd things at this national retailer.

   For students, the Online Defensive Driving Class may be the best bet of these weird items you can purchase at Costco. While it may not be available at all stores, sells classes to help all drivers be a bit safer.

   If you might have had too much of that 10-pack of Oreo’s you bought at Costco, a two year membership to 24-Hour Fitness can help you lose a few pounds. Even though this warehouse store is not known for its ticket and membership sales, they have tickets to theme parks or memberships to gyms.

   When you walk through the Torrance Costco, one may eerily notice the display of caskets. If you want to handpick the vehicle at by which you arrive at your final resting place, Costco may be the place to do it. With numerous designs available, you can buy toilet paper and your casket at the same time!

   In addition to these quirky items, Costco also sells pet urns, glasses and solar panels! If you are ever in doubt, Costco may be the place to go.  With things ranging from digital cameras to fresh chicken, there is sure to be something for everyone.