Pinkberry, Golden Spoons, Yogurt Island, Move Aside: Frozen Yogurt Lovers, make Room for Bomball

Ephraim Lu, Staff Writer

Those who like their frozen yogurt cheap, creamy, and conveniently located, can now breathe a sigh of relief: Bomball opened its doors for the very first time this summer in the Pavilions plaza, only a few blocks away from West High.

The manager, Linda Shiau, was first motivated to establish a frozen yogurt place because of her own love for yogurt. She had tried Pinkberry before, but the three sizes made it difficult for her to choose just the amount of yogurt she wanted. “I would go to Pinkberry, but the already costly small size it had costs extra to include toppings, and the medium size was in such a great quantity that I couldn’t finish,” she explained. Thus, she began going to Yogurt Island, where she was inspired to build her own frozen yogurt store. She wanted to combine the quality of Pinkberry with the price and convenience of Yogurt Island. (And she did!)

Introducing her store which features $.36 per oz. yogurt, Shiau explained that she vows to use fresh fruits in her frozen yogurt. She asserts that “other frozen yogurt places use powder mix in their ingredients, which makes them produce the same tasting yogurt. I make sure that only fresh fruits are used in the yogurt, which takes about five hours to make, so my yogurt will taste different. I also make sure my employees follow the same process.” The owner who spends long hours making the frozen desserts assures customers “you can taste the difference”, including Su-Young Kim (12) who says that is true. “I love the Taro flavor. It doesn’t melt as fast as other frozen yogurt, and it’s sweet without being too tart. I like how they have different toppings like Pocky, too.”

One of Shiau’s new goals is to attract more customers to her store. She hopes to sell soup and American-styled popcorn chicken in the upcoming winter, when business may be declining. She also wants to remind customers of Open Mike Night which is every 2nd Friday of the month, free Wi-Fi, and other cheap treats including the shaved ice and “yogurt bites.” (Those who get straight A’s on their report card can receive a free 12 pieces-cup of “yogurt bites”.) The most popular yogurt flavors are Pink Lady and Mango. However, Amanda Brown (12) has discovered other reasons to love the new frozen yogurt store. “My favorite flavor is pomegranate. Bomball is better than other yogurt places because it’s self-serve, and you don’t get charged for the number of toppings, and it opens ‘till 12, which is awesome,” she says.