Terrific Torrance: 5 Surprising Facts About Torrance

 As Torrance residents, we sometimes fail to see all the city has to offer. While a somewhat quiet city, Torrance can be surprisingly astounding:

Did you know that the Del Amo mall is the fifth largest mall in the United States?

Del Amo Mall features a whopping 2,371,068 square feet of shopping, entertainment, and food. Offering endless stores to explore with friends and family, the mall strives to provide an enjoyable experience for all. Due to its close proximity to West High, Del Amo has become a prime meeting place for students to meet up afterschool.

T-posing and Fre sha vaca do (the memes) are both Torrance-born treasures.

T-posing was actually invented by a West High student graduate. He and a couple other friends had even organized a school-wide T-posing event one day. Even the famous Fre sha vaca meme was actually taken at a Del Taco in Torrance, just minutes away from West High. Talk about true fame, am I right?

Snowboarding Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim, NBA superstar Jeremy Lin, and figure skating gold medalist Michele Kwan were all Torrance childhood residents.

Torrance has housed many world-class athletes who have made it to the biggest platforms in their respective sports. From winning gold medals at the Olympics to being on a professionally competitive team that plays in the NBA, these athletes make their hometown extremely proud.

  Daryl Sabara(a.k.a the dude from the “Spy Kids” movies), graduated from West High School!

Daryl Sabara, also known as Juni Cortez  to those who have watched his movies, actually graduated from West High in 2010. But as of this year, he is married to Meghan Trainor and living his best life.

The Torrance Armed Forces Parade is the longest running, city-sponsored military parade.

Each year our city of Torrance hosts the Torrance Armed Forces parade to honor the men and women who have fought for our country. We have banners hanging from our lamp posts down Torrance Blvd. to display respect for our fallen loved ones. Torrance also showcases a huge parade including our police force, firefighters, and soldiers from all divisions.