Untold Stories of the Mall


Cherokee Hernandez, Staff Writer

Stranger things have happened but are you aware of the things that fellow teens have purchased at the mall? Some things are common and some aren’t, this may explain why many teens show to have an alternative side with an interest in random exotic stuff.

    Up first is the ever popular Starbucks located at the newly renovated Del Amo Fashion Center. An Insider there informed me that they once had a customer who ordered a Venti latte with only whipped cream and paid the $3.95 of the drink. This was done by a teen according to the Starbucks barista.

    Hot Topic is a popular store among teens and young adults that are intrigued by the alternative/ rock side of life. There you may find teens purchasing Stitch snuggie costumes according to Zee (sales associate). Although it may not seem random or odd, this is what was considered random to Zee. The sales associate later commented, “Twenty One Pilots shirts are random”, finding the band not to fit the criteria of the rock scene.

  Expected robot building is what’s next. At Zumiez a customer had walked in and bought fourteen trucks. Trucks are the metal things that connect your board to the wheels (referring to skate boards). According to the manager the customer was not planning on using the trucks for a skateboard and declined to give a reason why. One can only hope that they will be used for a robot of some sort.

    Burlington Coat Factory has testified that teens walk around with more money than expected. Upon being asked what was the most strange item purchased at the department store, the sales associate failed to answer and switched the question to “what was the craziest amount spent by a teen?”  This was followed by a sum of over a thousand dollars in purses. She concluded with, teens really don’t know what to do with their money.

    These are the untold stories of the mall. Wherein lies more strange stories with the help of teens and young adults contributing to the utmost random and unique items found within popular stores in Torrance.