Quizlet, the Life Saver

Michael Nishida, Staff Writer

Quizlet is an application in the Apple Store designed to improve students’ study habits both at home and during school. It allows people to organize the process of studying, and play mind-stimulating games involving math, history, and writing. Quizlet is useful for students of all ages, because it can help in any subject by providing study tools and allowing students to study on the go.

  When asked about his experience with the program Chase Yun (11) said,” With Quizlet I can study any time of the day even when I am walking home.” The days of carrying around heavy textbooks are slowly moving in the past as more tools like Quizlet are invented, that make studying much more convenient.

The application also helps students organize, because it allows categorizations of their  notes and the creation of separate folders in order to stay organized.  Ksenia Afonicheva (11) commented,” Quizlet helped me study for the SAT with vocabulary flashcards and grammar rules.” As stated, it is a study tool that allows students to create flashcards, which saves students from having to carry around heavy stacks of flashcards.

     Unlike other learning applications like Flashcards, which only allows users to make flashcards, Quizlet allows people to record audio for studying. This feature gives students opportunities to record lectures and review th

em later by listening to the lectures. It was implemented into this application in order to assist auditory learners. In addition to this they have matching games, multiple choice tests, and worksheets that can be used to for any subjects. Ryan Takeda (10) said,” I would download Quizlet, so I can just use my phone to study instead of my textbooks.” Like Takeda, many students can benefit offered by this study tool.

This application has proven to be an optimal study tool for students by assisting students in learning and improving students’ study habits through organization. Quizlet makes studying more convenient and efficient, because it is easily accessible and contains a plethora of useful materials.