Trotting in Torrance

On November 28th, 2013, the city of Torrance hosted the Turkey Trot, an event in which participators are to complete a three-mile race, but more importantly, to help out those who are in need.

The registration started from October 25 till the day of the race. Runners and spectators were urged to bring canned goods as Torrance was giving out the goods to the less fortunate. The event itself was a three mile run and a drawing for prizes took place after.  All participants were given commemorative t-shirts. 2013 marks the 34th anniversary of the Torrance Turkey Trot, an event that has unified a community and established a harmonious tone.

West High students testified on their wonderful experience at Turkey Trot. Jamie Snavely (10) said “ The Turkey Trot was a fun event to start the holidays and was a great way to meet nice people and really give back to the community.” When asked how, Snavely added “Well , the holidays are about kindness so an event that brings people together is a great idea.” About the torturous temperature, Hashaam Younis (11) claimed, “ [The event] was super cold when it started , but once [I] started running it really didn’t matter what the temperature was.” He also claimed that “[the event]  really is fun but needs to be have more things free, as it feels like I keep giving but don’t get as much.”

Other students expressed Andy Lee (11) claims “the Turkey Trot is not advertised enough, nobody really knows what is going and when it is going to happen.” The Turkey Trot is an unknown event that does not receive as much press as it should and for an event that has been around for so long and has become a tradition to some families, should be preserved and made popular as it could become tradition for more families such as the family of Meg Dia (12) “It was such a amazing opportunity and I would definitely go back next year, [the turkey trot] was very fun with family members and friends and if felt like such a great atmosphere to be in.”

The Torrance Annual Turkey Trot is a tradition to many and a great opportunity to get in the holiday spirit of giving while still working off what you ate for Thanksgiving at the same time.