Top 5 Rally

Esther Kim, Staff Writer

Many students have been anticipating who will become this year’s Homecoming King and Queen during the Homecoming Football game against Redondo High School. But, the elaborate entrance of the Homecoming candidates in a car, which was previously provided by a volunteer, driving slowly onto the West High track will not be available this year. The Torrance Unified School District has decided that, due to the production of the new tracks, all schools in Torrance cannot have the grand car entrance during the Homecoming Game.

However, despite the difference, the arrival of the nominees this year may captivate the audience’s eyes as it did in the previous year. An elegant red carpet will be laid on the track, on which the Top 5 Homecoming Queens will fashionably walk. Before stepping on to the carpet, each girl will stand under a balloon arch, and, one by one pace their way onto the stage. On the stage, columns with the names of the Top 5 Homecoming Queens will be present and each candidate will stand in front of their name. Following this will be the actual announcement of this year’s Homecoming Queen.

Jamie Yoshida is the senior vice president who is also a part of the Homecoming Committee. When asked if the car entrance will ever happen again, Jamie answered, “It’s the District’s decision, you can’t know the future and what’s going to happen later on.” She believes students will probably enjoy this ceremony as much as last year’s and may be unaware of the car situation. Generally, most people may be going just for the sake of finding out who will become Homecoming Queen. “I hope it will turn out good,” commented Jamie.

The Homecoming Game will be this Friday, October 23. Come to the game and support the Homecoming Queens as well as the West High Football team!