Ephraim Lu, Staff Writer

The long anticipated Homecoming Top 5 Rally took place on October 16, where five couples, chosen by their peers, were announced as the 2009 court: David Cho, Katie Colin, Zach Gray, Shayna Guitare, Ali Nazari, Tori Izumi, Chris Partida, Natalie Kalinski, Franck Xian, and Chie Tamada.

Cheerleaders, performing their choreographed moves, started off the event. After that performance, the class competitions took place, wherein each class was required to pick a representative to perform a specific feat: hula-hooping while eating a doughnut and drinking water; the last person still hula-hooping won. Kaileen Taylor (10) won: a victory for the sophomore class. The seniors were upset, but the booing died down almost immediately. Finally, Coach Holt stepped in for the announcement of the fall sports and their latest matches. Even though many students were excited for the revealing of the Homecoming Top 5, all four classes were able to behave with discipline.