High School Preparation for College


CBS News

Anna Kim , Co-Editor in Chief

  Though college has been on some student’s minds since middle school, senior year is the most important time in the admissions process. Having to fill out numerous applications and write essays that reveal who you are in 350 words or less can be extremely daunting. However, the biggest stressor of the process for many is the cost.

  Unless one decides on attending community college, all students have to take their SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), ACT (American College Test), and/or SAT subject tests depending on the college’s’ wishes. During these stressful times, they also have to keep up with coursework, so it is no wonder some people forget about the price tag.

  The cost for just one college application ranges from $35 to $90, and most students apply to more than one college to raise their chances. Not only do the applications cost a lot, but so do the standardized tests many colleges require you to take. The SAT costs $43 and $54.50 with essay, the ACT costs $39.50, and each SAT subject test costs $26.

  Jennifer Fuller (12) revealed that the whole idea of college is stressful in general. Fuller believes that privileged people do have an easier time with the financial side of college. However despite the stress, she said, “The whole process is definitely worth it if you put in a lot of time and effort because it determines your future.”

  Like Fuller, Naomie Coronado (12) stated that the expenses towards college are unnecessary, but said, “I plan on going to a junior college then transferring, so it’s not as expensive for me.” Nonetheless, Coronado states, “I am also going through a lot of stress, but all of it will be worth it if it is going to take me to the next step.”

  Senior year is definitely a time filled with stress, due to expenses and college preparation. However, it is also a time to enjoy that last few moments with your high school friends that you may not see later when going to college. Despite the stress, many are taking advantage of this time and making the most of the time they have left.