Sports Medicine Club


Art/Photo by Christopher Huston

During a Thursday lunch break, members of the Sports Medicine Club participate in the first club meeting of the school year on Oct. 6, 2022. The Sports Medicine club had a huge success with their first meeting, making it a fun and competitive environment for members with a creative relay game. Club member Thijs Erhahon (10) described the meeting: “I really enjoyed how well they were able to allow everyone to interact, unlike the boring sit-down meetings other clubs have.”

   Are you an athlete? Have you ever gotten a small injury and wish you had the knowledge to take care of it yourself, or, at the very least, not make it worse? If so, West High’s new Sports Medicine club is the place for you.

   Co-President Richa Thakre (11) explained the club was founded because her and her fellow founding members “wanted to educate more people our age about common sports injuries and how they can treat themselves.” Expanding on this point, the club’s other co-president, Lana Gilligan (11), stated that “[they] really want to make sure everyone has the tools to help themselves.” And by teaching students to help themselves, Gilligan hopes that this will help solve the problem of “a lot of people [being] misinformed” about injuries, which “makes injuries worse.”

   This club is really about student athletes learning how to properly take care of themselves when they are injured, and through that learning, they can guarantee that they are back playing as soon as possible.  

   If you are interested in learning more about this new club, they meet in the gym, on the first Thursday of every month, during lunch.