Athlete of the Week: Caden Mitchell


Art/Photo by Roger Ayad

Caden Mitchell (11) preparing for upcoming volleyball games. Mitchell is competitive and dedicated to his sport. He said the thing he most enjoys about volleyball is getting to play with his best friends.

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

   Caden Mitchell (11) is an opposite hitter on West High’s Boys’ Volleyball Varsity team. He started playing volleyball his Freshman year, but it got cut short due to COVID-19. Although his first season did not last long, Mitchell has put dedication and effort into the sport and is now part of the varsity team. “I’m looking forward to having a complete season as I haven’t played a full season of volleyball in high school, and I’m on Varsity now which adds to the excitement,” Mitchell commented. 

   As with any other sport or extracurricular activity, time management can be a challenge. Mitchell, however, finds handling school and volleyball “difficult but manageable.” Having practice right after school leaves him time to get home and focus on his academics. 

   His motivation for improving in volleyball lies in his competitiveness and love for his team. Brandon Vo (11) expressed that “[Mitchell] is very energetic and his cheering is contagious.” Vo is a setter on the team and one of Mitchell’s closest friends. 

     Volleyball is a sport requiring teamwork and communication among players. Mitchell feels grateful for how his team has impacted him as an athlete. “The team has given me a better sense of connection to others . . . it’s also helped me adjust to different situations.” His teammates also speak highly of him and his skills. “He always makes our games fun and his jumps are pretty awesome,” outside setter Ethan Esperon (11) expressed. 

   Although Mitchell remains competitive and passionate about volleyball, this doesn’t take away from the laughs and memories he has made with his teammates. “The thing I enjoy the most [about volleyball] is the team . . . the guys have become friends that I talk to outside of school, we all are close like family.” Mitchell is thankful he has found a great group of friends in a place where “[we] have each other’s back.” 

   Besides volleyball, Mitchell finds enjoyment in many other activities. He has a great interest in basketball and anime. “[Playing] video games is another thing I like to do as it is something I can do with my friends.” Despite the time Mitchell has spent playing volleyball, this sport has allowed him to improve, grow, and become wiser as a person, player, and teammate.