BTS of West Signals: Sullivan Kolakowski


Art/Photo by Roger Ayad

Sullivan Kolakowski is a staff photographer for West Signals. She is driven, passionate, and determined. Aside from photography, she has found a passion for piloting and surfing.

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

   This week’s spotlight is about a key member of West Signals; the photographer behind many creative pictures: Sullivan Kolakowski (11).  Kolakowski joined Signals when she was a sophomore and has since then become known for her photography skills. Kolakowski has been featured in several articles, from sports to opinion, and her photos are known for being top tier. 

   This is her second year in West Signals and her grind hasn’t stopped. She has experimented with different presets and editing techniques to keep improving her pictures. “I’m always chasing for the perfect photo, it’s super exciting when it happens,” Kolakowski expressed. Her passion for photography goes beyond taking pictures for West Signals. She has her own photography Instagram account @sullivanbehindlens,  where she shares her artwork and is open to inquiries. So if you ever find yourself tired of using a self-timer, do not hesitate to DM her for a professional photo shoot. 

   Recently, Kolakowski started selling her pictures online. You can find her on Pictorem as “Sullivan Rose” and buy some of her most aesthetically pleasing pictures.   

   Additionally, Coach Madera, who has worked with Kolakowski before expressed how “Sully is extremely professional and has excellent attention to detail. The passion and dedication she puts in her work are definitely notable. Photography for her is combining two of her passions, which are “ photography and connecting with people.” In the past two years, Kolakowski has become a key member of West Signals. She is devoted, hardworking, and jovial. “She brings so much energy to the class,” News Editor Alexssa Takeda (11) shared. West Signals staff members call Kolakowski the friendliest person ever because she is always so welcoming and easy-going. You can always find her walking around with a smile.

     But photography is just one of her many talents. She spends her free time reading, surfing, hiking, and napping. Her surfing skills have also made her stand out this year, as she has been part of West’s Surf Club. “I’m a huge beach bum . . . you can always find me checking the surf forecast.” Kolakowski is also working on getting her private pilot license. This has been a dream of hers for a while and she is happy to accomplish it.

   Reflecting, Kolakowski believes the key to her success in handling school along with all her other hobbies and interests is time management. Nonetheless, a power nap here and there can always do the trick. “Taking naps is my other secret to success.” She encourages people to get up with lots of energy and be excited for each day.