Valentine’s Day at Trader Joe’s


Art/Photo by Luciana Gonzalez

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day has already come and Trader Joe’s knows it. These Valentine’s Day-themed items are perfect for a date with your friends, partner, or yourself.

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

   Trader Joe’s was the place to go for all your Valentine’s Day cravings. Yes, there are a lot of hearts and chocolate involved but you’ll love it!

Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies  

These dark chocolate-covered shortbread cookies will make your mouth water. These cookies are similar to the Trader Joe’s Mint Cookies that come out in spring but heart-shaped and with pink and white sprinkles for added texture. It’s easy to eat a full box of these, so make sure you add them to your shopping cart on your next visit. 

For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake

You’ve probably seen the thousands of videos and reviews about the mousse cake all over social media. Trader Joe’s is known for coming up with different mousse cakes for each holiday. “It’s delicious, it melts in your mouth and it’s just awesome” Danielle Wissler (10) shared. This Valentine’s Day version is a heart-shaped chocolate cake with whipped mousse filling perfect for sharing with your significant other. 

Gummy X’s and O’s 

The name says it all. These cute X’s and O’s gummies have a soft chewy texture perfect to put on your favorite ice cream or dessert. They are cherry flavored and colored shades of red and pink. Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than these gummies. 

Mint Flavor Dog Treats

Yes, Valentine’s Day-themed dog treats. Besides the gummies, these are perhaps the cutest Valentine’s Day goody Trader Joe’s has come up with. These grain-free mint flavor dog treats will make your dogs fall in love. They are topped with beet powder and heart-shaped. This is a must item to put on your shopping list. 

Rhubarb & Strawberry Soda

If we could drink Valentine’s Day, this is what it would taste like. This non-alcoholic drink is pink, of course, and with a strawberry flavor. They are sweet rather than tart and the rhubarb flavor is subtle. These four-pack rhubarb & strawberry sodas are perfect for a Galentine’s Day or a date night with your sweetheart. 

Raspberry Hearts

These shortbread cookies are adorable and perfect for Valentine’s Day. They are soft and crumbly, and are perfect to put on a Valentine’s day dessert board.