A Deeper Look Into Who Created the Senior Class Shirts


Art/Photo by Rebecca Yan (12)

The back design of the class of 2022 shirt designed by Shozi, which she said “ was difficult trying to create something that everyone would like. That’s why I based it off of In-N-Out since I know many people like that.”

Dominic Herrera, Staff Writer

   Marisa Shozi (12) was tasked with creating and designing the class shirt for the Seniors of 2022. Her design reflected a key part of Southern California culture as well as the class of 2022 as a whole: In-N-Out restaurants, a staple of California cuisine. The design also combines the Senior class color, which is blue, with important events throughout the school year such as homecoming and graduation. 

   Shozi gave insight on the process and creation of the class shirts:

Q: What was your process when designing the shirt?

A: “When making the T-shirt design I tried to think outside of the box rather than a simple class shirt. I wanted it to be creative and fun which is why I included all of the exciting senior events on the back of the shirt.”

Q: Why did you specifically choose In-N-Out for the design of the shirt?

A: “I chose In-N-Out because I wanted it to be something that everyone knows and for the most part would enjoy wearing. I also thought that it would be fun to play with words since we went to high school in 2018 and out in 2022.”

Q: Do you feel some sense of responsibility when designing the class shirt?

A: “I do feel a sense of responsibility since I’m creating a T- shirt for the class of 2022 to wear. I wanted to make something that people would like and that came with a feeling of responsibility.”