Club Feature: Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Courtesy of Lindsey Kim (12)

Ashley Kim, Editor-in-Chief

  Every Thursday, you can find Mr. Holt’s room packed with students from all grades and areas of campus. They are filling in every seat, eating pizza and listening to an outside speaker deliver a message.  FCA is more than just a campus club or a source of free pizza: it’s a group of students united by a commitment to their beliefs.

   Fellowship of Christian Athletes―better known as FCA―is an international, non-profit Christian organization based around Christianity and sports.  However, while the ministry is centered around sports, West’s FCA club is open to all people. 

   After all, at the heart of FCA is a deep commitment to loving people through the Christian faith.  Their board members emphasize the inclusivity of all people who want to attend as well as a passion to share God’s love with other students.

   Lily Newhart (12), FCA’s president, expressed her future hopes for the club’s impact on West’s campus.  She said, “I hope that people will continue to come and support the club as the year progresses.  I know that God will move and I’m so excited about that!”

   This year, FCA has set a variety of goals.  In addition to organizing outreaches, partnering with other churches and pastors, and reaching out to more parts of the campus, one new goal that FCA’s board has been discussing is to move meetings into the Pavilion.

   “We’ve reached the point where a lot of people have to sit on the ground,” said Abby Newhart (10) who is a member of the hospitality team.  “It’s really wonderful to have that many people, but it does make it harder to have meetings in a smaller room.”

   Ultimately, FCA is a community for Christian students, but the club also seeks to be open, friendly, and a safe environment for non-Christians.

   Newhart added, “Everybody is welcome.  If you’re curious about what Christianity is, come and ask questions.  You can DM the Instagram account or ask to talk to a board member at the meeting.  Whether you are seeking answers, prayer, or a connection to a local church, we are here to support you.”

   Check out FCA in room 5203 on Thursdays!  Everyone is welcome to enjoy a free slice of pizza and a sermon from a speaker―you don’t have to be Christian or an athlete to attend.