DIY: Winter Workout


Nicole Rivera, Staff Writer

Now that the holidays are over and the new year is here, some of us might be looking for new ways to improve our health. Whether it’s by replacing junk food with leafy greens or using the stairs instead of the elevator, there are many small adjustments one can make to change their view on health.

Since we live in such a fast paced era with , not everyone is able to manage going to the gym on a regular basis and keeping a routine. Luckily, these six workouts will have your whole body energized and ready to tackle any obstacle without having to worry about meeting your next deadline.


Exercise 1: Butt Kicks & High Knees

  1. Stand upright with your knees close together.
  2. Act as if you’re running in place while making sure you’re legs are touching your glutes on the opposite side. Repeat for 30 seconds.
  3. Transition into High Knees by running in place while making sure your knees touch your chest every time they come up. Repeat for 30 seconds.


Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers

  1. Get into a pushup position with your arms forming 90 degree angles from your chest.
  2. Bend one leg into your chest as much as you can.
  3. Quickly switch your legs so that your left leg is bent into your chest.
  4. Keep alternating legs until you finish.


Exercise 3: Water Bottle Extensions

  1. Lie flat on your back with a full water bottle in hand.
  2. Bend both arms to form a 90 degree angle.
  3. Extend your arms in front of you while holding your full bottle.


Exercise 4: Paper Towel Crunches

  1. Put a new roll of paper towels (keep the plastic wrapping for an easier grip) in between your calves and lie flat on your back.
  2. Extend your arms out in front of you as you lie down.
  3. Keeping your back straight, lift your legs towards your chest and try to grab the paper towels, then slowly drop your legs to the ground while keeping them straight.
  4. Repeat the process again to put the paper towels back between your legs.
  5. Continue lifting and dropping your legs while keeping your back straight.

Exercise 5: Soccer Ball Leg Lifts

  1. Sit on a chair with your arms set firmly on each side.
  2. Keep legs facing forward and quickly extend them out until their straight.
  3. Make sure your legs are kept close to each other. Go back to starting position and repeat.


Exercise 6: Bicycles

  1. Lie on your back as if you were doing sit ups.
  2. Lift both feet in the air and kick each foot up separately as if you’re pedaling on a bicycle.
  3. Keep your back straight and continue to pedal your feet in the air.

  These workouts are simple to do and take up to 30 minutes or less. It’ll have you one step closer to a healthier year without having to cram it into your schedule. More can be found on Seventeen Magazine’s website.