How to be Hip!

How to be Hip!

Cayla Hailwood, Staff Writer

For Juniors enrolled in a US history class, Wednesday, May 14, is Hippie Day! For this exciting day, students must dress up in the 1960’s fashion to participate.  So, how can you make a costume for cheap?  The easiest way to dress in this past style is with tie-dye. You can create your very own t-shirt with these fun and easy steps.



-RIT dye Bright color dye


-Warm water

-Plain white T-shirt


-Rubber Band

-Gloves (Optional)



  1. Purchase a packet of colorful dye from a craft store or convenient store.
  2. Use an old white t-shirt or buy one from a craft or thrift shop. (Michaels carries both the dye and shirts for a low price).
  3. Heat up water (Follow instructions on back of the packaging).
  4. Pour water in large bucket.
  5. Add salt and color dye into bucket.
  6. Stir dye and salt-water until it is dissolved.
  7. Take the t-shirt and pinch the center, while twisting the fabric until it is all clumped in a circle.
  8. Use rubber bands to tie the shirt into place.  This creates the random design on the shirt.
  9. Add dye by either spooning it onto the shirt, or dipping the shirt into a dye bucket.
  10. After you have finished, let it sit for a while, so the color can seep into the shirt.
  11. After it has dried, take off the rubber bands and place the shirt into the washer. Wash in cold water with no detergent.
  12.  Let the shirt air dry to avoid shrinking.

Your result will be a colorful tie-dye shirt.  Feel free to cut the sleeves or neckline, to give it a carefree look.  It should be unique and bright, so have fun with the project and enjoy Hippie Day!

tie dyed shirt