Reasons for the Season


Art/Photo by Roger Ayad

West High’s Girls Volleyball team huddles up after scoring a point against Palos Verdes High on September 1, 2022. The team plans their next play to get that “Warrior win”. Outside of brainstorming their next play, the girls build up positive momentum to keep them in the right mindset throughout the whole game. The girls support each other, and when one teammate fails a play, they build each other back up without giving up.

Bella Levinson, Staff Writer

   The libero dives for the pass, the setter comes in for the setup, and the outside hitter is up in the air, determined to win the point. The anticipation is exciting, and the crowd is filled with parents and students roaring. This is the season for team bonding, improving, and winning. After a long summer, the 2022 season has officially started and these girls are working hard to come together for big games.    

   As the teams have formed and the pressure is on, these girls never forget the most important parts of being a part of a team— being able to shake off the mistakes made and continue to work together to fix them.  According to JV player Joelle Lewis (10), this year is focused on making improvements individually and as a team.  

Lewis explained that she wants to “work on communication, like reading body language, being able to tell if they’re gonna tip it or just roll shot it.”

   In volleyball, communication is always crucial in deciding who is going for the ball or what the rotations are. Lewis’s hope for the season is to grow connections with her teammates. She is excited for triple header games and to come together as a program to have a successful season. 

   For many athletes, competitiveness is the thing that gets you driven to play the best you possibly can. A team that strives for greatness and can work together to bring each other up and not put each other down is what West Girls Volleyball strives for. Middle hitter on Varsity, Amaya Sanles (11) shared that her team’s biggest strength is using practice as an advantage to get better. She states that every practice, every game is “for seeking improvement.”

   So far, this week has been filled with pre-season games and getting ready for the competition next week: El Segundo.

Like many players in this program, the real fun is getting to know so many different people and creating bonds that will last throughout high school. Seeing your teammates on game days, wearing your jerseys to school, media day, team bonding, and the feeling of being a part of a team. 

   Sanles reflected on the topic of being a part of a team and how her coach plays a huge role in that: “I really liked the family aspect that Coach Bev has in the program, she really tries to push that.” Sanles exclaimed that she enjoys the many connections made and how the program formed her friend group due to the volleyball program. These connections are used during games to motivate others to work hard and play hard.