Staying Fit During Quarantine

Various activities the athletes have been doing to stay healthy. Photos courtesy of Piper Takenaka and Sammy Gonzales.

Various activities the athletes have been doing to stay healthy. Photos courtesy of Piper Takenaka and Sammy Gonzales.

Nikita Gounder

We have been confined to the walls of our houses for a couple of weeks now and it has come with many changes. Understandably, it has been a time of adjustment and confusion for everyone; but what have the athletes of West High been doing to stay in shape without their sports? 

Steven Rogers (11), pitcher for the WHS Boys’ Varsity Baseball team: 

 “I am working out during this break. I think it’s important to stay in shape because at a time like this when my baseball season is cancelled it’s good to stay in shape.

Every day I do half an hour of ab workouts and I run 2 miles every other day. Stretching is key for me, I do that multiple times a day. I also do pitching drills for baseball most days to keep my form and technique the same during this break.”

Piper Takenaka (11), captain for the WHS Girls’ Varsity Basketball team:

“I have a core and leg circuit that I do pretty much every day. I also go on walks and bike rides with my family. Every other day I shoot some hoops and run. I don’t really have a diet but I try to portion and not eat too much of some things.”

Sammy Gonzales (9), center attacking and defending midfielder for the WHS Girls’ Soccer team:

“It is hard to make it seem like everything is normal when all of this is going on. I am trying my best to keep a schedule so I feel productive and, most importantly, stay healthy! Every day, depending on how much school work I have, I either workout in the morning or in the evening to make sure I stay in shape. Usually, I follow this workout schedule called the two-week shred by the YouTuber Chloe Ting and it’s a great workout that varies from 20-45 minutes. This workout makes me feel energized throughout the day and gives me exactly what I need to stay in shape for my sport, soccer. I also try my best to go outside, in my backyard, of course, to get some fresh air and some touches on the ball. Usually, I do juggling, some dribbling, and skills.”

Isabella Pellicciari Torres (10), dancer on the WHS Intermediate Dance team:

“I have a workout on the Notes app on my phone that I try to do 2-3 times a week. Plus we have dance auditions next month, so I practice for that almost every day. None of my workout is cardio because I hate it so I mostly focus on my legs, arms, and core. There are different variations of squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and a couple of other things.”

For however long this pandemic continues, it’s vital to remember to stay healthy and engaged while staying inside. Pull up Youtube and follow a yoga tutorial or grab your family and toss around a ball. Even if you aren’t a serious athlete like the people interviewed above, try to find ways to keep yourself engaged and active.