Rousey Returns To The Ring

Barbara Lopez, Entertainment Editor

The world has seen MMA-fighter Ronda Rousey defeat every opponent she has faced in the ring. In November of 2015, however, that changed when she went down in a second-round knockout from former kick-boxer Holly Holm. More than a year later, Rousey is back, laser-focused, and preparing for her comeback against MMA-opponent Amanda Nunes. But the question lingers: will Rousey pick up where she left off or go down again?

According to the New York Post, Rousey’s first loss came with some serious injuries: “Holly Holm assaulted her with a barrage of blows before a vicious head kick knocked Rousey out. She even needed a plastic surgeon to treat a badly cut lip.”

Not only was this a painful experience physically for the 12-0 fighter; it was emotionally devastating as well. The article continued, “In the aftermath of her first loss in the UFC, Rousey went off the grid. The queen of MMA took a break from training and fighting and basically went silent. She didn’t speak to the press for a month afterward.”

The media spun a massive web of press after this, since it became scandalous to many. Some West High students even reacted to the events that took place that night. Brendan Poli (12) said, “I was a bit shocked by it. She was such a powerhouse up until that point and everyone thought that she couldn’t lose.”

When asked if taking more than a year off seemed justified, Poli said, “It’s great that she’s decided to continue the craft and I think it’s perfectly fine that she took her time to decide. Only time will tell if she has what it takes to win.”

As for Brandy Hwang (11), she seemed to be in agreement with the fact that a determined fighter’s defeat should mean some time off. She said, “Rousey is no doubt one of the best female fighters of this generation. For her to have gotten this far — having so many achievements then losing her title — it makes sense that she would have taken the break to regain her mental and physical strength.”

Even with Rousey as one of the greatest female fighters to date, Nunes is no piece of cake in the ring. Since her last fight she’s been on a winning streak, and before that she won 13 fights with only four losses. Hwang also commented on the fact that the competition is tough: “Nunes may have bragging rights and a head start but Rousey has also made a comeback with her training the past year. I think both players are at an equal advantage and we’ll just have to see who makes it out the winner.”

With the match just a day away, it’s going to be hard to tell who’ll take back the title as Bantamweight Champion. Stay tuned on December 30th, 2016 for the fight, starting at 7 PM Pacific Time!