Nothing To Hyde


Art/Photo by Ezra Shaw

Barbara Lopez, Entertainment Editor

Everyone loves to celebrate — birthdays, holidays, even acknowledgement for good grades! However, NFL football player, Carlos Hyde, got flagged for being a little too ceremonial.

According to USA Today, Hyde was penalized for his celebratory actions after a football player went down from the opposing team. He said, “The NFL fined San Francisco 49ers running back Carlos Hyde $9,115 for flexing his muscles at Arizona Cardinals players during an Oct. 6 game.

West High students have also kept up with the news of Hyde’s muscle action — and some don’t agree with the penalty. Brittney Nwandiko (11) is one of those students. She said, “I just find it ridiculous that players who dedicate their time and effort into achieving perfection are punished for showcasing their hard work.”

Others also disagree with Hyde’s harsh punishment. In fact, Douglas Totten from Fansided refers to the NFL as the “No Fun League”, expressing his feelings on the matter: “Football is a game with emotions — high emotions, often. Yes, it is important to keep these in check, and while “taunting” can also be problematic, the NFL is taking things too far.”

Although he’s against in-game celebrations, Jackson Taylor (11) is in disagreement Hyde’s hefty fine. He said, “They are pointless displays of masculinity and are unnecessary for an already masculine sport. But a fine of $9,115 is outrageous! If the NFL wanted to end the celebrations, then why did they start with a small one, like flexing?”

 All in all, it’s agreeable that Hyde’s fine is a bit over the top; flexing his muscles didn’t physically harm anyone. However, rules are rules, and Hyde’s actions may have cause the opposing team emotional harm. After all, football is a game with high emotions; and at the end of the day $9,115 is a small sum for someone with a 4-year $3 million contract.