West Struggles to Stay Afloat


West Struggles to Stay Afloat, Sports Editor

West was the underdog going into Tuesday’s swim meet and the team ended up losing with a score of 93-77 for varsity women and 92-78 for the varsity men.

According to Michael Lusher (12), “ We were at a disadvantage from the start because South has over 70 swimmers while we have less than 40.” At the competition, South was able to field more competitors in the plethora of races: giving them the ability to gain many more points than West.

Although West lost in terms of total points, they managed to win in multiple events. Timothy Kim (11) won the individual medley, in which competitors use four different swimming styles: the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Valerie Ng (11) won the 100 meter backstroke leading the way and Buddy White (12) took first place for the 100 meter backstroke. Rounding out the winners, Will Ngo (10) managed to win the 100 meter butterfly, beating out the varsity seniors from both West and South.

On Ngo’s performance, Kim commented, “He’s been a great swimmer since he joined the team, and when he swims it feels like he doesn’t need to pace himself, he just sprints all the way.”

This game was also senior night for the team, celebrating the graduation of seniors including Kalina Bakardzhieva (12), White, Markus Macintosh (12), Ana Cutovic (12), Cindy Ngo (12), and Lusher. Brandon Loo (11) said, “We are going to lose a lot of good swimmers, but I think next year we can come back stronger because the current lowerclassmen look really strong.”

The season is over and now the Warriors have to focus on the May third CIF preliminaries. If the West swimmers manage to finish high on the standings at the prelims, they qualify for the CIF Finals.