Torrance Makes a Splash Against West Water Polo


Ysabella Atehortua, Editor-in-Chief


On Friday, November 7th, 2015 the West Boys’ Water Polo team had its final game against Torrance. They had trained all season, but came up short in their final game. The boys, losing 10 to 7, were upset about the lost. They were close the entire game, but in the end could not get those last few points to win.

The players worked hard the whole game, Marco Sevo made three goals while Jack Stevenson, Nate Baker, Marcus Mackintosh, and Pavle Mihajlovic all shared one a piece. Although the boys tried hard, their offense and defense combined was not enough to get the final win.

This game largely reflected the boys’ season. The team has gone through a lot all year. Their coach, sadly, changed mid- season. Pavle Mihajlovic (9) said this “led to a lot of issues with the team and was probably why they did not do as well as they could have.” Hopefully, however, next year will be better with a more stable coach that can grow with the team.

Nate Baker (11) said “they did well the last two games, but [they] could not pull out this win.”

Both Baker and Mihajlovic are sad the season ended before they could get a couple more wins in. But the boys are also happy the stress of being student athletes is over.

Senior Marko Sevo (12) said “[he] tried really hard all game and season but [is] sad to have it all end” he, however, is “proud of how the team did and hopes next year can be even more successful”.

The boys are hopeful they can pick it back up with a successful season next year. With the right training the team believes it can be accomplished.